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The all-electric IntElect

Flexible, precise, and sustainable

IntElect highly precise

The fully-electric machine concept from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is based on innovative direct drive technology. Direct drive machines offer increased energy efficiency while their greater responsiveness ensures that they can achieve higher levels of precision, improved repeatability and shorter cycle times than indirect electric drives. That means our electric machines are best equipped to solve the challenges faced by manufacturers of mass-produced precision parts.

  • An all-electric injection moulding machine characterised by its high precision and energy efficiency.
  • Low operating costs are what makes IntElect particularly efficient.
  • The machine was built based on Sumitomo’s unique know-how in the development of all-electric drive systems.
  • Extensive mould space
    Large tie bar distance for maximum turning diameters.
  • Precision
    All injection axis drives are perfectly aligned for optimal moulding results.
  • Efficiency
    Low energy consumption, shortest cycle times and parallel, dynamic movements.
  • Incredible speed
    High injection dynamic, high injection speed and fast mould movement.
  • Long lifetime
    Motor and spindle specifically developed for high-performance applications.
  • Energy efficiency
    Up to 50% more efficient compared to high-performance hybrid machines.

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