El-Exis SP – Benchmark in High-Performance Fast-Cycling

The El-Exis SP sets tomorrows standards of precision and speed. Extremely fast travel and injection cycles are easily achieved without sacrificing in precision and safety. For thin-walled and packaging parts with minimum tolerances, as well as, for fast-cycling and precision applications employing high injection pressures, and in each clamping force range from 1,500 to 7,500 kN. Integral to achieving this is the unique combination of electric and hydraulic drives. Independent control loops operating in parallel for the clamping unit, injection unit and secondary movements, allow the El-Exis SP to realise extremely fast, harmonic and consistent movement cycles.

El-Exis SP the highlights:

  • El-Exis SP is a injection moulding machine with hybrid drive concept, optimised for extremely short cycle times and the shortest injection times.
  • El-Exis SP is the ideal machine for the application in the high end packaging production.
  • Due to its robust construction, El-Exis SP has a record of excellent long-term production with minimum maintenance costs.
  • The integrated activeMotionControl drive technology ensures high dynamics, precision and availability for long-term, daily production.
  • The machine concept of El-Exis SP, is optimally designed for the high requirements in the packaging industry.
  • The optimised NC5 plus control allows easy and intuitive handling
  • Simple operation and easy familiarisation
  • Clear layout of the screen pages and soft keys
  • Transparent process analysis with reference cycle graphics
  • Automatic production documentation
  • Control and reference position for clamping unit at the touch of a button
  • Automatic mould height and clamping force adjustment
  • Automatic injection system for time-saving shut-down and start-up

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Cooperation with your company is profitable and all-round progress for us.