Latest in plastic granulation

Cutting edge technology: latest in plastic granulation.

Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, so there are various means of cutting pieces of plastic down to size depending on the method employed by the shredder or granulator. Hellweg Maschinenbau says that its MDSG 1000/600 BR granulator works on the peeling cutting principle and has been built for single-stage shredding and granulation of solid start-up blocks and pipes and sheets. It is designed as a robust welded construction and is fitted with a solid peeling cutting action rotor. It can process, in a single stage, heavy start-up lumps as well as pipes and sheets (with wall thicknesses up to around 500mm) into granulate. The geometry of the blades enables a peeling cut, combined with a limitation of cutting depth. This prevents the rotor blades from cutting too deeply into the plastic that is to be granulated. Material is simply peeled off in lumps, which prevents rotor blockage and ensures fast, quiet operation while saving energy. With 1,000mm working width, the 12-blade U-Cut rotor has 600mm diameter and can be sharpened a number of times by regrinding. The rotor is produced from a single solid piece of steel and weighs around 4,000kg. The overall weight of the machine os around 11,000kg. Throughput is 800-3,000kg/h, allowing for 5-20mm diameter sieve perforation and 75-90kW installed power rating. Noise protection cabins and feeding equipment for sheet and pipe are available as options. The company has also extended its 600 series granulator at the upper end. The MDS 1500/600 is 1,500mm wide, and can offer high torque due to the high stability of the entire machine housing and the heavy duty rotor.